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1 month ago

Is India's Food-tech Space at Ever Rising Point on 2017?

Today one of the hottest business sectors in India is e-commerce because of the extraordinary growth of the India’s startup environment and feasibility to extend to global scale, among this, the food tech sector is continually booming. Food-tech connects food with customers on technology platform.

Foodversity in diversity

Holding world's oldest culture, tradition, and palatial festivals, India is rich in diversity. Indian cuisine spreads diversity with food of different taste and fragrance and being specific to different parts of the country. Indian hotels and restaurants are giving more importance to authentic Indian cuisines. Meanwhile, many of the five star hotels and restaurants are adopting technological innovations like mobile app and social media to get more customers. To develop mobile apps, they collaborate with the best mobile apps development companies Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon and Bangalore. It is leading the landscape of the Indian food industry. The Indian food-tech is having diversity in all areas of serving the food.

Restaurant discovery: To find the best restaurant details, menu, address, contact details and user review (Zomato)

Restaurants Discovery and Booking: Some companies not only aggregate restaurants, but also provide app to help foodies to book restaurants and get food at the door step. (Food Panda and Brinz)

However, the food-tech is also facing many issues and controversies. Some food-tech companies are partnering with service providers to reach customers.

Do food-tech companies ensure consistent quality of food?

It is a massive challenge for food-tech companies to provide quality and tasty food in a consistent manner. One of the biggest challenges for restaurants is building the neat and environment friendly kitchen spaces outside the restaurant. And it is also difficult to survive amidst of tough competition by local and multinational food brands. So understanding foodies’ preferences will decide the future of the Indian food-tech ecosystem. The big positive factors for Indian food-tech system are the majority of young population, double income families, expensive house-help, and the acceptance of outside dining by families. Instead of investing on new trends of food flavor and tastes, it is better to focus on the traditional food needs to gain a marginal profit. Also it is good to rely on the entire supply chain in the form of smart technology.

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1 month ago

How to Become Personally a Brand?

How to Become Personally a Brand?

Today every business or person needs their own brand value. If it is unique and attractive, it can easily make them recognized. Every big brand which was not known before got branded when they started to brand their product or service through different media.

Branding yourself is equally important as branding your business. On the other hand, those who have a long-term goal to become a celebrity should have their own personal branding strategy today. People want to know the story of successful people, like their struggles, failures and ultimate achievement. Personal branding exactly means telling people about your story with relevance to your achievement.

Top Tips for Personal Banding

1.     Be visible and Available

As an achiever or aspirant of becoming a successful person, you need to be visible for as much as people in your industry, to do so, you can appear in conferences, which brings not just brand value, but also business opportunity. Make your social media profile rich and make yourself available for public, where they can contact you and get the tips about your business success or about your success roadmap. Make a video about your success or business tips or your highest qualities and even have a live session for your followers, where they can ask questions related to your business or your success factors, which all this together help you create a strong media presence. Today most of the celebrities are developing their own apps with the help of mobile apps development companies Mumbai, Gurgaon and Noida, India to enhance their brand value.

2.     Display more your success sutra, not business promotion

Don’t try to market your business through personal profile. Sharing about your business through it is not a good idea. People always looks for your personal specialties like where you went on weekends, what are your hobbies, where you eat, what you prefer to eat, and what is your interest, etc. This will help you be more real to people and make people attracted to you.

3.     Practice 2 way Communication  

There are so many people making mistakes in this, where they prefer people to recognize them or for personal benefits only, but they fail to be responsive to people’s comments. Practice two way communication, when a person comment on your profile or send any other message, reply to him promptly, which makes him feel good about you. Ultimately this helps you create your personal brand.

4.     Keep a detailed list of contacts

When your personal brand is growing, you should have maintained a detailed list of information about people with whom you are connected, where you have connected, and what possible opportunities you can get from them, and how people can get help from you, all this will help people understand people and make them understand you. It ultimately creates a strong relationship between you and people.

5.     Develop a trusted source of breaking news and relevant information

When you become trustworthy through trusted breaking news and relevant information, then your personal brand will get stronger. Try to be available where media and journalists require expert’s advice or tips. Share news and information on social media and among your contacts that you feel useful. This also helps you and make people check your business.

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2 months ago

Best UX Tools in 2016

Best UX Tools in 2016

If you’re a UX designer, you need to keep users happy with satisfactory design, but keeping users always happy is not a simple task because user preference may change every time. Good news for you as a designer is you can use cutting-edge design tools to understand users’ intent.

I have picked out some the top UX tools to help you improve your workflow in the upcoming years. With this tool you can keep users happy with the good design.

User Testing:

User Testing helps you for user research and prototype testing. The testing engineers from User Testing end target the users based on your preference and test remotely and deliver the result within an hour. The test is recorded in video format, which shows how the users react to the test. This services is available for website as well as mobile apps.

Stylify Me

Have you ever attracted by some others’ website colour and wanted to use same color in your website or mobile app?

The Stylify Me tool is designed for this purpose only, and it is a simple method where you just copy that website’s URL and paste it in the top search menu and get the exact Hex Color code. Even you can download it in the PDF format.


UXPin is awesome, using this you can design your site or mobile app from the scratch to finish. The site or app can be created using the same documents from low-fidelity wireframe to high-fidelity prototype. It allows to drag and drop codeless animation, UI pattern and interactivity on the wireframe. It also allows to convert static files into interactive prototypes without losing any layer. The UXPin tools are used by many mobile app development companies Gurgaon, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi ncr and Bangalore, India. Because it helps developers develop hi-fi mobile applications. 


The Sketch tool was designed as image editor for digital design. It was enhanced especially for web design. The key features are CSS logic, automatic slicing, and easy navigation. The sketch tools can be used to get more for hi-fi images for mobile app and websites, because images attract users nearly 70% out of 100 times. As a designer, you should be able to satisfy customers with images.


Optimizely tool is like User Testing tool said above, which makes user research easier and it focuses on A and B testing only. It compares your data in two different stages and helps you make a prime conclusion. It makes developers feel more comfortable in the experiment.

Color Safe

The color safe tool helps to select the best contrast stability for readability. Users will appreciate if the legibility is improved through color contrast.

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3 months ago

You Will Soon See Separate Results for Google Search on Mobile

You Will Soon See Separate Results for Google Search on Mobile

Have you noticed that from last few months Google is giving special preference for mobile based search. Do you know why? Because Google has started to index the mobile websites separately, according to Search Engine Land. It was planned for one year back by Google – With the tremendous growth of the mobile phone users, Google decided to give separate search results according to the search query. Today, the number of smartphone users has increased tremendously because of the technological innovation. People prefer mobile search more than the desktop because of the ease of carrying the smartphone to anywhere anytime compared to desktops.

Google has launched many new features in last few months to encourage the website owners to twist their domain for phone users. Also, in the last year Google showed a special preference for websites that were optimized for mobile users, and recently, Google started highlighting Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on the search page, so users can choose the page which loads quickly. So a large number of website and mobile app development companies in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi ncr and Bangalore started developing mobile friendly websites to enhance customer experience.

But it’s not clear how the mobile website indexing will work. Will the mobile index not be used for any desktop search? Will the search contain only mobile-friendly content? Though the desktop is less used for Google search, still it is forming a considerable part. With mobile index, Google may run its algorithm in different way like rendering a pure mobile content rather than the current system which uses desktop algorithm to decide mobile rankings.

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4 months ago

What is the reason for the failure of most app startups?

Every entrepreneur want to reach top position in their field and wants to be interviewed for their success stories, but only a few of them reach their goals. The reason is they fail to win over the competitors. There are many big brands that are failed before raising, whereas some companies are collapsed for not finding the root cause for failure. Today the common reason for most of the startup’s failure is ineffective digital strategy, this is even more in app-based companies.

But we always have a second chance to reach the target, which teaches us not to do make mistakes again that what we did before. So, here in this article I am explaining some common mistakes that app-driven businesses are making:

Mistake 1: Bad Design

Obliviously companies expects their mobile app to be extraordinary surpassing their competitors apps, so, they unnecessarily add additional features in the app and fail to properly fulfill the core needs of the users.  The biggest success in the mobile app development is when you applied your own idea with a twist. Poor and bad design will not attract users, instead users delete your app in a day.

Tip: To avoid it, you have to focus more on creating clutter-free user interface which can help users access your app easily. And you should include very good images as well. The icon of the app needs to be given more attention to grab the attention of all kinds of users. Make sure that you are hiring mobile app development company in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Cochin, or Bangalore,  as they are very expert in user engaging app design.

Mistake 2: Asking for pay to download

I know, everyone is here to make money and create brand, but in the first time, you have to offer app free for users, this should continue until you gain their trust. This is why because not only you are developing mobile app, there is a lot of companies offering mobile apps at free of cost and even cheaper than you, so to overcome this competition, you have to give app free at least in the first time.

Tip: In the initial stage, asking pay for download is not a good decision, instead make it Freemium. Freemium is the very popular method of achieving long-term in the app. It helps you make a large number users download your app in the very first time. When your app seems beneficial for users, you can ask users to pay to go for premium version.

Mistakes: 3- Lack of Marketing

Marketing plays a major role in the mobile app success as it can bring a huge popularity to your mobile app. The poor marketing will lead your app get very low downloads and zero conversions. This is one of the major reasons for many startups failure because they do everything in the development part, but they don’t show much focus to market the app.

Tips: Market your app in social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and even use Google AddWords. To know how to do it, check with Ways to Do Content Marketing for Your App.

Mistake: 4- Ignoring the users who already downloaded

If you ignore your old customers, then your will lose both the customers and company reputation. Don’t forget to be responsive for the old customers’ queries and concern. Many companies make these mistakes by thinking that replying is a waste of time.

Tips: Make sure that you’re replying to all your customers in the first time itself. Existing users can bring more purchases as they know very well about your services or product, if your response is fine, they will surely recommend your app for others also.

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5 months ago

Tips to keep children safe on iPad and iPhone use

Tips to keep children safe on iPad and iPhone use

Children of present generation are very crazy about internet, where they want to play games through handheld devices like mobile phones, tablets, MacBook and Notebook laptop. Children not only want to play games, they also want to chat with their friends through social media.

Today we are caring more about our kid’s safety because family safety always comes first to our mind, which may be either outside home or inside. We need to make sure that our kids are safe from misguiding things. This has been possible using the internet, mobile, and mobile applications with the help of mobile apps development companies in Gurgaon and noida. Making children future ready through mobile technology is not a bad thing, but we shouldn’t want our kids always to be online. Though there is a possibility of adopting misguiding things using mobile by children. How we can avoid this? If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, below are some features in the same devices that help your children be away from the bad.


In the iOS devices, there is feature called Restriction for kids, where we can restrict the kids to features like allows only camera, face time, car play, etc. and restrict from third party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.. To find Restriction feature on iPhone and iPad, go to setting / general / Restriction.


We know that our kids are not old enough to access the internet, but sometimes we have to allow them for accessing our iPhone or iPad or MacBook within our environment. Some contents on the device are protected by password. For example, YouTube App and website are restricted to some content for some level.

Phone Call

We should make our children restricted for the phone call for certain age limits and it will change as they get older. Once removing the restriction while old SIM being used, the new SIM can work with iPhone. If they use new SIM without removing the restriction, it won’t work.


We can give access to iMessages for our kids where they can send messages within the family and also their friends, but we should keep eye on the messages that who is sending and to whom for safety reasons.

Social Media

When we come to social media in iPhone and iPad, it is third party apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This is a very complex area, where parents need to guide kids in right way. Most of the apps have age restriction, but they just ask age, but not verify while signing up. So in social media, suggestion of parents is very important for kids.

However, parents and kid’s choices differ, so some the above points may not suit to your family. As parent, we need to take care of our kids in mobile usage from benefiting safety features in the devices.

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6 months ago

What all need study before mobile application development

Mobile app has revolutionized the digital world. There is a necessity for both small and large businesses to develop mobile apps to stay in the business competition. Most of the time people use smartphone to get done the things. Mobile apps are very much helpful to fulfill customer needs. Due to a heavy demand for mobile apps, the increased number of mobile app development companies came to the market. But only a few app development companies keep up their promises. Mobile app is the best choice for any business to achieve popularity to their business and later connect with the customers. An expert mobile app development company in Ahmedabad can develop innovative app and make your dream into reality. Here I would like to share some important things that you need to consider before developing your app. android and iphone


Choose the right mobile development partner:       


First step, you should take decision on whether you need mobile app developers or develop your own. If you are a startup, it is difficult to develop app your own. In case if you are an established company, you can build your own app. But building a team for only development purpose will less be worth. So better outsource the projects. Once you have developed first version of the app, it will be easier to build with in-house team. If you are trying to build an app by yourself, you need to face some technical knowledge.


If you hire the best mobile app development company to develop apps for your business, it will be a quite easy task to get high return on low investment. Professionals are obviously highly talented and know the latest updates. So they make your app with utmost care and deliver error free product before the deadline. The professionals can develop an app with better UI\UX design. So this kind of app can make the user stay for longer time.


As per our experience, choosing the professional is the best way to develop best app.


Types of mobile app:


Before going to develop a mobile app, select what type of app you need to develop. There are three types of mobile app. Native, Web and Hybrid app. Hybrid app is a combination of web app and native app. To make this kind of app, cost is very less. The web app is the app developed with HTML elements. These are websites where user can access it in any mobile device through any browser. Native app is developed for specific platforms which one downloads from the app store and use in his device.


Cost Involved:


To develop any app, cost is important. Analyze the cost from the beginning of your project to design and development. So plan your work as per your budget and bring out the best app.


Launching and Marketing:


Now you have an app in your hand. The next step would be launching your app in the app store. Proper app customization is needed to reach the targeted users at the app store (s). Once you have launched your app, the final step is marketing. Proper marketing is very important for any app success.


Need developers to develop your app?


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