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Which Social Media Network is Best for Marketing Success?

Which Social Media Network is Best for Marketing Success?


Every social media site is continually innovating with their paid ad platforms to increase advantages for their advertiser for the selected locations. Facebook and Twitter are high-ranking social media sites that have a large user base. Considering the popularity of Facebook, many top mobile apps development companies in USA and India are increasingly interested to develop Facebook apps for business customers.

 These are considered as the best platforms and that are chosen by a large number of advertiser to reach their ads to more customers. If you advertise on both the platforms, your expenses may go high, so which one to choose, Facebook or Twitter? 

Revenue model

Facebook Revenue model: Facebook is having a huge revenue from advertising, which accounts almost 85% of its total revenue. Facebook allows different kinds of ads like video ad, image ad, etc. 

Twitter Revenue Model: Like Facebook, Twitter’s 85% revenue come from advertising. In Twitter, advertiser can pay for ads per click or per retweet. Most importantly, 65% of its revenue comes from ads on mobile devices. 

Kinds of Advertisements

Facebook ads: The Facebook ads can divided into subheading i.e. traffic and leads for website, sales and leads for products and service, visitors for store or event, and likes and engagement for the pages.

Twitter ads: Twitter card allows to attach different kinds of media with the description of 140 to 10000 characters. The ad cards ads are categorized into Traffic and Leads for website, Sales and Lead for Product and Service, Brand Awareness and Engagement for brand.

App cards are ads that drive app installs. Some mobile app development companies in Mumbai, India are leveraging it for full extent to drive downloads for their apps.


Social media keep growing. So Facebook wins competition with Twitter in many aspects, but their users are not exactly similar. More Twitter users are active on Facebook as celebrities or as a page. So targeted users can be vary for advertisers to advertise on. Even LinkedIn is also gradually joining the league.  

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Best ways to Achieve Ultimate User Engagement in iOS App

Best ways to Achieve Ultimate User Engagement in iOS App

Today even best apps development companies are facing strong tasks in developing iOS apps because of the altering user preferences. Mobile app developers require to have a special focus on user preferences. In fact, adding attractive and engaging elements has become a key requirement in iOS app development today. And even it has been a tough job for marketers.

By considering all these things, I have crafted 10 beautiful solutions to increase user engagement:


4 Best Ways that increase user engagement in iOS App

Push Notification: Push notification feature helps app have more lively users. Through push notification system, you can notify customers about the recently launched deals or any special offers you have.

Limelight Indexing: With the help of limelight indexing, users can get the search without opening the app.

Deep Linking: Deep linking is one of the best methods to increase user engagement. It leads user to a specific place in the app to get the information he is looking for. And even he can share the same deep link with his friend who can open the link in the same app if he has installed.

Social media incorporation: Meanwhile social media is the supreme viral media in the world, it can help you figure an ultimate user engagement. You should take part social media plugins into the app.

The above 10 tips will help to increase engagement in your iOS app and get the maximum return on investment.


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Which Features that Make Your App Standout?

Do you have plan to increase your business revenue with the mobile app? Are you sure your app strategy will help you out? If it’s not,then you need a true help. Let me help you for some extent. Before choosing between top mobile apps development companies of your preference, you should have a clear idea app features you want to include. Let me help you on this.

10 features that make your app incredible

Simple design: Developing a mobile app with simple and attractive UI and UX design is crucial for attracting and engaging users. The app should not encourage users to switch to another app. A simple and attractive design please them to use the app again and again. So think about the new design trend that is user friendly and makeyour app popular amongusers.

Performance of app: App should perform well, which means the loading speed of the app should be quick. The performance is vital because users always preferapps that is super responsive.This may bring you more customers and helpto hold existing customers as well.To make sure that, your app should be tested rigorously.

Analytics: This feature allows to analyzeusers’ all activities and help to build better marketing strategies.

Platform specific features: There are many platforms to develop a mobile app, such asAndroid, iOS, Windows and Blackberry.ButAndroid app development and iOS apps development are most preferred. In India, Android users are more compared to iOS, so many entrepreneurs are targeting first Android apps with the help of best Android app development gurgaon and Bangalore.So if you need a quality Android app, you need to hire best Android app developers to identify platform specific features.This is the same case in iOS.

App Security: This is very very crucial for your mobile app.There is a chance of hacking your app information easily, so you need to craft a proper codeavoid information leakage.

Personalization: Personalization features are loved by users.This can be crafted with flexible settings, font and color changes and it will help to increase app experience and subsequently app usage.

Search Option: You should provide search menu, where customers can search products of their interest.

Social media integration: You should allow customers to share the products which they like more on social media.When you announce new offers and discounts, this works well.You may see a huge user inflow.

Feedback and contact forms: This feature helps you get suggestions, ratings or reviews on your product or service from customers, which lets you increase the quality of your services and products. You should gather feedbacksand reply to customers every time they give feedback or post reviews.

App updates: The app should be updated regularlyupon customers’feedback and market trend. Your effort doesn’t end once users download your app, rather you need to update the app frequentlyand set strategies to acquire more visitors.

Hope above information will help youmake your app successful in the market.

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What Kind of Jobs Robots will Replace First?

Researchers at the University of Oxford have predicted that the jobs in developing countries up to 47 percent could be automated in the coming two decades, mostly replaced by robots. But which of the professional jobs will be taken first by robots?

We can define robots as machine learning algorithms running on purpose-built platforms and they are trained to perform tasks that humans usually do. Let’s see how this technology could take the jobs and what jobs would be the first?


According to UNDESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs) report, the present population of the world 7.5 billion is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.8 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100. Doctors’ job would be one of the guaranteed jobs that robots will take away. There are many talented doctors, but still not sufficient enough to serve people and the good news is robots are capable enough to perform as a doctor. Robot treatments are currently in practice in US to spot early-stage skin cancers. Even some mobile app development companies in India are very enthusiastic to dig deeper in this area.

Commodity Salespeople (Ad Sales, Supplies, etc.)

Robots can even replace sales people and ensure higher productivity. For sales people: if you don’t put your special skills on sales, you could lose your job as machines are very much responsive and 24*7, so fight for your best.

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Data processing was a job creator instead of what it was mistaken as job destroyer. But today machine learning–based accountants and bookkeepers are far better than their human counterparts. If your company hire such kind of machine employees, you can yield better results, but it will replace human employees. Today top mobile apps development companies noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi ncr and Bangalore, India and other technology companies are much interested to go behind it. Robo-accounting is still in developing stage only and its performance in dealing with auditing, accounts payable and receivable, inventory control, and other accounting areas are breathtaking. There might be a big shake-up in auditing field because of this technology.

Middle Management

If your job is copying data from one excel column to another, robots could replace you. How special you may be in matrix, it will acquire your job, be ready to face it.

Report Writers, Journalists, Authors & Announcers

I agree, writing is hard, but not report writing. Machine can read data, pattern match images or video and understand any sort of research material, so it can easily create research report. Today text-to-speech facility are common conveniences we are getting, but robots can take the responsibility.

Are you thinking that robot will hurt you? This technology may be good or bad for adapting, but there is nothing to get upset. But we have to accept new technology and profitability at the end. Man and machine partners may not save every job, but it is a clear way to taking the tech world to the next level.  

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How Mobile Apps Help Travelers Change Travelling Habits?

Some people like to travel on their own and some travelers use to guide maps or guide like travel agencies. Now the technology has taken it to the next step, where travelers no need to rely completely on maps, guidebooks or compasses while in a trip. Mobile apps help travelers reach the destination in an easy way and book holidays in a hassle-free manner. Today travel applications developed by top mobile app development companies Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi ncr, Noida and Bangalore, India are helping travelers getting the things done. Mobile apps impacted tourism industry in booking tour as well as planning it. Today a lot of people are using mobile apps to make their travelling easier.

In travel mobile apps, you can find new places, restaurants and other relevant information for travelling. Travel apps developed by mobile app development companies in India create a strong relationship between travelers and businesses.  

Here are some top app tips that will help you while travelling anywhere in the world.

Safety Information – App will give you info about current security situation, weather report of the location in upcoming. The app will also provide you details of 24 hours emergency helpline, which totally helps you have a safe travel with your family and friends.

Hotel Booking – Travel app also helps to book hotel at any time with curated hotel lists and offers. And even app notifies travelers about special offers like discounts on booking. So you can find the best hotel rooms which suit to your budget.

24/7 Accessibility – You can use travel app anytime to get any kind of information relevant to travel and from anywhere at your convenience and even no need to think about the time zone.

Best for Networking and Sharing Through the app, you can stay connected with your family and friends and easily share photos, videos and even exchange notes.

App helps travel businesses minimize the hassle travelers face while travelling and provides the best services to the traveler. By helping tourists, it enables travel companies to achieve more revenue. It means travel app is required for both travelers to get the best service and travel companies to better serve customers.

Every app cannot be same, so travelers need to check app reviews at app store before downloading it. There is a large number of travel apps available in the play stores that are developed by the best mobile app development companies Delhi ncr, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida and Bangalore, India. Before downloading, do some deep research and find out the best mobile application that suits your necessities.

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Is India's Food-tech Space at Ever Rising Point on 2017?

Today one of the hottest business sectors in India is e-commerce because of the extraordinary growth of the India’s startup environment and feasibility to extend to global scale, among this, the food tech sector is continually booming. Food-tech connects food with customers on technology platform.

Foodversity in diversity

Holding world's oldest culture, tradition, and palatial festivals, India is rich in diversity. Indian cuisine spreads diversity with food of different taste and fragrance and being specific to different parts of the country. Indian hotels and restaurants are giving more importance to authentic Indian cuisines. Meanwhile, many of the five star hotels and restaurants are adopting technological innovations like mobile app and social media to get more customers. To develop mobile apps, they collaborate with the best mobile apps development companies Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon and Bangalore. It is leading the landscape of the Indian food industry. The Indian food-tech is having diversity in all areas of serving the food.

Restaurant discovery: To find the best restaurant details, menu, address, contact details and user review (Zomato)

Restaurants Discovery and Booking: Some companies not only aggregate restaurants, but also provide app to help foodies to book restaurants and get food at the door step. (Food Panda and Brinz)

However, the food-tech is also facing many issues and controversies. Some food-tech companies are partnering with service providers to reach customers.

Do food-tech companies ensure consistent quality of food?

It is a massive challenge for food-tech companies to provide quality and tasty food in a consistent manner. One of the biggest challenges for restaurants is building the neat and environment friendly kitchen spaces outside the restaurant. And it is also difficult to survive amidst of tough competition by local and multinational food brands. So understanding foodies’ preferences will decide the future of the Indian food-tech ecosystem. The big positive factors for Indian food-tech system are the majority of young population, double income families, expensive house-help, and the acceptance of outside dining by families. Instead of investing on new trends of food flavor and tastes, it is better to focus on the traditional food needs to gain a marginal profit. Also it is good to rely on the entire supply chain in the form of smart technology.

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How to Become Personally a Brand?

How to Become Personally a Brand?

Today every business or person needs their own brand value. If it is unique and attractive, it can easily make them recognized. Every big brand which was not known before got branded when they started to brand their product or service through different media.

Branding yourself is equally important as branding your business. On the other hand, those who have a long-term goal to become a celebrity should have their own personal branding strategy today. People want to know the story of successful people, like their struggles, failures and ultimate achievement. Personal branding exactly means telling people about your story with relevance to your achievement.

Top Tips for Personal Banding

1.     Be visible and Available

As an achiever or aspirant of becoming a successful person, you need to be visible for as much as people in your industry, to do so, you can appear in conferences, which brings not just brand value, but also business opportunity. Make your social media profile rich and make yourself available for public, where they can contact you and get the tips about your business success or about your success roadmap. Make a video about your success or business tips or your highest qualities and even have a live session for your followers, where they can ask questions related to your business or your success factors, which all this together help you create a strong media presence. Today most of the celebrities are developing their own apps with the help of mobile apps development companies Mumbai, Gurgaon and Noida, India to enhance their brand value.

2.     Display more your success sutra, not business promotion

Don’t try to market your business through personal profile. Sharing about your business through it is not a good idea. People always looks for your personal specialties like where you went on weekends, what are your hobbies, where you eat, what you prefer to eat, and what is your interest, etc. This will help you be more real to people and make people attracted to you.

3.     Practice 2 way Communication  

There are so many people making mistakes in this, where they prefer people to recognize them or for personal benefits only, but they fail to be responsive to people’s comments. Practice two way communication, when a person comment on your profile or send any other message, reply to him promptly, which makes him feel good about you. Ultimately this helps you create your personal brand.

4.     Keep a detailed list of contacts

When your personal brand is growing, you should have maintained a detailed list of information about people with whom you are connected, where you have connected, and what possible opportunities you can get from them, and how people can get help from you, all this will help people understand people and make them understand you. It ultimately creates a strong relationship between you and people.

5.     Develop a trusted source of breaking news and relevant information

When you become trustworthy through trusted breaking news and relevant information, then your personal brand will get stronger. Try to be available where media and journalists require expert’s advice or tips. Share news and information on social media and among your contacts that you feel useful. This also helps you and make people check your business.

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